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About Us

I’ve been a fashionista since the age of 2 (so I’ve been told) and have been intrigued by the various styles and changing trends. Over time, I have also collected the title of  “Sneakerhead”. I guess you can say that I love everything about fashion… from hats to shoes and everything in between. This preference has encouraged me to successful obtain my degree in business (with a focus on Fashion Merchandising/ Marketing).

As a result, Divulge Vein was born:

         Divulge = Express

         Vein = Style/Attitude

The Divulge Vein brand represents the collaboration of “Urbanized Styles” & “Self-Expression”.

We, at Divulge Vein, take pride in our unique designs and innovative styles. Our goal is not only to make you look good, but to help you: “Express Your Style”.

Thank you for your overwhelming support of the DIVULGE VEIN brand.

Embrace your style,


Owner / Designer

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