Germ-Free Kit [Metallic Silver]

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We want to make sure you’re germ-free and staying healthy! Our ‘Germ-Free’ kit includes a travel hand sanitizer with a leather case and keychain. Also, a ‘no touch’ door opener tool with a touch screen tip, on a handy keychain. You can hang these items on your keys, bags or pocket for easy access. 

 Don’t forget your ‘Signature’ face mask! 🙂


Hand Sanitizer 

- Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds.

- 2 ounce/60ml reusable bottle

- Leather carrying case with keychain (3.74 inch x 2.75 inch)


No Touch Door Opener

- 9.2cm x 4.3cm

- Touch screen tip with silicone protective tip